Petronyx has experience in the design of liquid and gas meter skids for pipeline companies, refineries and midstream terminals. The company has designed skids for a wide variety of clients including Centurion Pipeline (OXY), Murphy Oil Refinery, Magellan Pipeline, Enterprise Products (including Seaway Crude), OilTanking, Plains All American Pipeline, Nustar Energy, Shell, Shell Pipeline and Williams. The company has designed meter skids with flow capacities ranging from 500 BPH to over 12,500 BPH using a variety of technologies including positive displacement, helical turbine and Coriolis meters for both land and offshore operations. It has also designed meter provers including the conventional U-tube, Scorpion and SMS ball provers, both as skid mounted packages and slab or pier mounted designs. The firm has also been contracted to design complete standalone meter stations, engineering not only the meter and prover, but also grade or elevated pier-supported foundations, steelworks, access walkways, piping and instrumentation and controls.



 The firms provides gas meter and gas meter skid design for upstream production facilities, pipeline gas receipt and delivery.  Designs include orifice, Coriolis, wedge, v-cone and ultrasonic (USM) meters.